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sobriety say. there is say report of a has met spill, about 1000 used syringes have been spilled on the road way. we may have a has met a group in that area along with people from the county road department. they will have the most likely door shut down. >> the temperatures are milder than yesterday. napa has a high of 55 degrees. upper 40's for the south bay cold temperatures. the national weather service center has issued a frost advisory. you can expect warmer weather and plenty of sunshine. i will bring down your afternoon high coming up. >> police say that the government at the new jersey mall shooting is dead. the body of 20 year-old richard shoop of teaneck, new jersey was found in the back area of the garden state plaza mall early this morning. authority say that he killed himself with the same weapon that he used that the mall and a note was found. the mall will be closed today, a day after authorities say that he dressed in black and that he wore what is believed to be a motorcycle helmet and fired mauled was shot shortly after the mall closing at 9:30 p.m.. >> all of a
to the motel six to drop off diapers and lightly used clothing for 2 children that were staying here. but when he knocked, instead of an adult, a 3 year old answered the door. also in the room, was a one year old. neither of them knew where their mother was. police say 33 year old kendra smith showed up 15 minutes later. but during the time the officer was there waiting. >> he found some drug paraphernalia are in a room as well as knives. things that children cut again harm with. >> the father was arrested for an unrelated incident and during that time he told the officers about his hearts ship. they tried to do something good by bringing over diapers but they had to arrest the mother. >> the opening of a new casino and robert apart is happening tomorrothe opening ofo and rohnert park is happening tomorrow. the chp is warning drivers to avoid the area. kron4 jackie sissel is live at the graton resort and casino with an update. >> they have to plead thousand slot machines. because of this, they expect thousands of people to come pouring into this casino. as it opens tomorrow the chp is already
community that is commute direction. those commuters only used to get one bore to travel. now both directions of highway 24 will have to dedicated bores all the time. caltran spokesperson id morrison says the new bore will slow things down in the short term at least until drivers get used to the new edition. >>: it's a beautiful tunnel. but we don't want people to slow down and admire it too much. >>james: driver should get to use to the way things are now. caltrans will soon be starting a new fire safety project installing water lines inside the three older bores. this will require them to be taken out of service one at a time. that will take place sometime in 2014. >>anny: bart and its two biggest unions could be heading back to the bargaining table. that is because bart says a provision is included in the contract would cost the district too much money. the issue at hand is the family medical leave act. it would allow union members six weeks of paid family medical leave. both union and district negotiators signed off on its several times during negotiations. but the bart board s
-existing condition. a bay area teacher attacked by a student in her own classroom. and the weapon used. may surprise you. that story after the break. a developing story out of santa rosa. a teacher is stabbed multiple times with a pencil. that is what police say happened at mid-rose high school. kron 4's j.r. stone has more yellow tape and a police officer marks the spot where it stood at went after a teacher. >>: in fact police tell us it was a 16 year-old male who stabs the teacher multiple times in the head and neck and arms. and get this this didn't in not having night. police say the weapon used was a mechanical pencil. another student jumped and to give the 16 year-old off the teacher. officers tell us the on the attacker ran off school grounds to a relative's house. melrose high school and cousy and high-school all share the same campus and were put on locking down for about an hour after the attack the administrators were quick to assure parents and their students were ok. no one else was hurt during the attack and investigator said injuries to the teacher are not life and dreams. the child
and shut down at your tunnels through it before you even get an opportunity to use them. and we are not in a position that we're going after management. >>: official said the tunnel actually represent desperation. increasingly forced to move a deep to move their products. i'm ed payment reporting periods-- payne. payne. tto those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at welcome back time now is 415. squinting in the san diego tunnel setback. their were some scary moments for some united passengers. a bomb threat forced a the flight to make an emergency landing in phoenix the plane was on its way from san francisco to san antonio last night. all of the passengers were safely taken off the plane and put on another plane and has at their destination. a bomb squad swept the plane and checked luggage for ex
commuters only used to get one bore to travel. now both directions of highway 24 will have two dedicated bores all the time. caltrans spokesperson ivy morrison says the new bore will slow things down in the short term. at least until drivers get used to the new addition. drivers shouldn't get too used to the way things are now. caltrans will soon be starting a new fire safety project installing water lines inside the three older bores. this will require them to be taken out of service one at a time. that will take place sometime in 2014. >> a story you'll only see on kron four. it started when san francisco police stopped a man for riding his bike on the sidewalk. and ended with two officers injured, and four suspects recovering from injuries behind bars. kron four's dan rubin says the nearby residents are outraged and calling for justice following a street fight with police. >> i said excuse may, what is going on? they never said anything to me. >> pretty soon it was his body on the side of the road. and >> you can see him getting dragged down and get and beaten. >> after her brother st
has been made to keep u.s. troops in afghanistan for another decade. >> hull of the stabbing ave the virginia center is raising concerns about mental-health assistance in the state. >> a bay area man troubles in north korea and he is now stuck in the country. those stories and more when the kron4 morning news continues. >> >> welcome back. a palo alto man is being held in north korea. merrill newman's family says that the 85 year-old was in a country with a tour group to visit a war memorial. they say that he was pulled off a plane. minutes before it was scheduled to depart on october 26th. north korea has not publicly acknowledged that they are holding the elderly man. here is what his son had to say about his dad's situation. >> my father and another gentleman were held in custody. >> he is now the second american being held there. north korea is also holding tenniskenneth bae, who saved was guilty of hostile acts. and that he may attempt to topple the government. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. the u.s. department of state has declined to confirm that he is being
lines may be in the next 10 to 15 minutes so you will be able to use these lands very quickly proved to me just turn the camera around the clock and to use some of the back up and the mean time. three that has caused quite a back up and leave on monday and up clearing these to lanes you'll probably still fill the residuals of this back up. i know it goes a little past keller st print at least an about the next 10 to 50 minutes these two lines will be cleared. >>: yoli, thank you pripet banks for turning the camera in that direction honestly, that looks a little bit better than what it was just a few minutes ago. >>: it is a little bit of bad air. you see a better flow of traffic pripet--it is a little bit better. yoli >>: you kind of see tropical pulling out. --picking up. as soon as they allowed that a van to get on you will see traffic flowing. see it starting to run. so an about 15 minutes, you will probably be able to use all four lines here on the 580. >>: yoli thank you so much. and this is having an attack on other bridges around the bay area. in fact we've seen a bay bridge a
jose. its happened at the 280-87 interchange. kron four's mike pelton joins us live from the scene. happening now. mike powell will join us very soon. -mike pelton will join us on. >>erica: happy friday to you. waking up to some patchy fog along the coast line. as for temperatures we have low forties to low 50s told about a 10 degree temperatures spread right now. as we have into the afternoon. mostly sunny skies. temperatures ranging from the upper 50s to the coast. i want to take a moment to talk about super typhoon high data. when about 145 mi. per hour. could see between eight and 14 in. of rainfall within just 24 hours. mudslides causing concern. expected to meet vietnam's a row sunday afternoon. for more details was called to the news room with margaret >>mark: yes a new video coming in from one of the strongest typhoon's ever recorded. there have some been some fatalities. close to 700,000 people evacuated from towns and villages near the past of the eye of the super typhoon weather officials say have a sustained a plan to continue at 147 mi. per hour around the eye. forecas
once and will meet again next month, now a rep from the school tells us there are numerous ongoing efforts to address the issues at hand. we're told there are also two task forces targeting african american and latino student success. reporting in san jose, kron4 news. >> well that teenager set ablaze on board on ac transit bus is finally home with family in time for the holidays. we actually have video from oakland of sasha returning home, he's in the passenger seat there coming home from the hospital. sasha just finished a three week stay in the burn unit at san francisco st. francis memorial hospital. it was earlier this month he suffered serious burns when a 16 year old passenger on that same bus set sasha's skirt on fire. now sasha doesn't identify as male or female and yesterday his parents talked about their sons happiness with being home. >> sasha told us exactly which skirt he wanted to wear on the way home and i don't think that changes anything about the way sasha's going to express himself. >> everything is great. we're just hoping that something goodwill come out of th
. at this point, they say that it is a mystery. >> right now, there is not a lot of information for us to go on. our investigators are working every angle. >> it is unaware whether or not she lives there or if she was just visiting. we're not sure. we have not identified that. >> the victim is at a nearby hospital and what surgery. she is currently listed in critical condition. at this point, police have no suspects or suspect information. there have been several shootings at this apartment complex in the past. just a few months ago i coverage where a officer was shot during a domestic dispute. one arrest the dead stated that he's going to pack up his fingers and toes. >residents that i spoke with stated that he is just want to pack up his things and moved. >> firefighters have just put out a 2 alarm fire at a two-story victorian home in san jose. the home is located at 79 no. 12 st.. heavy fire was burning in the attic. all occupants have been accounted for no injuries have been reported. >> bart trains have been running for a week and a half, but the agreement that ended the strike is still n
phone and data used in the san diego area. there are focusing their efforts down there. the signs are still lit up just in case. keep an eye out. >> new overnight, a fire in san francisco this places a hand full resonance in the city's richmond district. the call came in around 3:45 a.m. this morning and at least two structures caught fire. this includes a charge, a business and a residence. this is on the 1100 block of clements street. the fire is now out but crews are keeping an eye on any hot spots. at least eight residents have been displaced, no one was injured. >> san francisco board of supervisors has voted to close the cities of more than 200 parts from midnight to 5:00 a.m.. it is a move that they say will cut down on vandalism but homeless advocates say that the new law unfairly targets the people who sleep in the park. there are already laws against sleeping in the park and laws against graffiti in a vandalism. the new law does little more than make the closing time for all the parks across the city. the biggest opponent of this new law has been district 5 supervisor, l
ramon valley is earthquake swamp country and according to scientists at the u.s. geological survey in menlo park, they are closely watching and counting the earthquakes. there have been nearly 6¢ friday. we asked the u.s. anti as whether this means a bigger quake could be on the way. >> officials say, that the earthquakes one occurred in a very active area. they say, the bottom line is to just be prepared. >> the time is 6:13 a.m.. coming up on the kron4 morning news. we will tell you how when increased number of the flesh eating bacteria cases are being linked to b.p.. >> we continue to watch the accident with a big breakrig. george will have more on this hot spot and we continue. ♪ with holiday magic in both parks, the happiest place on earth, just got merrier. >> welcome back. the time is 6:16 a.m.. >> it is continuing to get worse, the backup leading off from the scene of the crash. the crews are out there to clear the crash. this is interstate 80 westbound just passed highway 4 and before pinole valley road. the big rig is on its side and i just received a update that the c
-m. kron-4's jeff bush has more on what this means for city residents. also for the homeless who use the parks overnight. and these park hours will go into effect sometime next month. bay area voters found themselves a little lonely tuesday. the turnout on many races and measures was fairly low. officials expected about a 35 percent turnout. more than the 23 percent from four years ago, but less than the 42 percent who voted in the 2011 san francisco mayor's race. but two measures were on the minds of bay area voters. in san francisco, propositions b and c, to allow construction of the '8 washington' condominium project on the embarcadero. these are final numbers from the polls. voters have rejected measure b.62 to 38%. they're also rejecting measure c - by a wider margin. critics are using the defeat to have the city revisit plans for the new warriors arena along the waterfront. the final numbers -- including absentee ballots -- will be posted later this week. stay with kron-4 for full you can check our web site -- kron 4 dot com. or on our facebook and twitter pages. we'll also hav
cast 4 shows some rain hitting the bay area. the rest of us are looking pretty dry. the showers will start to diminish. your 7 day or around the bay highlights a breezy conditions but the temperatures will be slightly warmer. >> we are going to increase the concern for fire danger. we will see more of what we have been dealing with. the temperatures will cool as we head into the weekend. we will continue this pattern overall will see seasonal temperatures. york weather is something we will continue to monster. as for traffic we are not seen any hot spots. this is a great time for you to leave your own. there's nothing that you are not used to. here's a live look outside at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. most of the cars that we are seeing are coming from the east shore freeway. it is very quiet for those of you jumping on the nimitz. >> the san mateo bridge is looking good. there are no problems. as we take a look at the golden gate bridge, southbound 101 the lanes are completely cleared and we do not have any issues with fog. the visibility is looking pretty good an
should divert to the 280 extension and you can use brandon street to get back on the freeway. for those of you who are stuck on the inbound lanes already, some of this traffic will be squeezing by. it is possible that we may see some of the lanes open back up in a moment or two or even right now. for the present, this is a major snag in san francisco. >> a quick check from the bay bridge shows light traffic and this is really what is going on or around the rest of the bay even with a few accidents that are reported. there are no major traffic tieups on any of the for widesprea freeways. >> it is a colored start as we head into the afternoon mild temperatures. it is pretty pleasant conditions. we do have big changes in the forecast starting off into the next work week. the temperatures, right now aren't 38 degrees. 42 degrees out the door in oakland. as we head into the afternoon it will be pretty nice conditions. 70 degrees as the high in mid 60's for those of real and mountain the bill. upper 60s for evergreen. we're looking at mid 60's so long the delta and upper 60s for those of you
this morning, u.s. marines arriving in the area for relief efforts in the central philippines. the typhoon itself now dying out over main lane china. >>> and bay area residents are helping out with an outpouring of support for those that have lost everything in this natural disaster. a local nonprofit had a relief drive in san bruno where people dropped off nonperishable items like cereal, shampoo and toothbrushes, they filled 47 boxes in four hours and collected $1600 in cash that will turned to the philippines red cross. many of those that gave have family and friends in the philippines. >>> everyone is affected one way or the other. it is really heavy on the heart. we just want to send our best out to them. >>> a local shipping company has volunteered to deliver the boxes but it will take about a month for them to reach the affected areas. those collecting supplies will need to still be there when the goods arrive. it will take several months for the people impacted to get back on their feet. president obama issuing a statement yesterday saying that the u.s. is providing significant hum
would not be seeing much perhaps just some light rain. the rest of us will be dry. as we put the clock into motion by 2:00 p.m. the rain or at least arrange chances will head south toward and perhaps light rain for the east bay interior valley. >> take a look at a later on today when the heaviest rain is expected to fall. we will continue with rain for wednesday morning as well. it is really just want to be offered on the showers for the next couple of days. most locations will be at the upper 50s low 60's. your 7 day around the bay highlights unsettled weather and we will start to clear things up by thursday morning. plenty of sunshine as we transition to the weekend. when we start the next work week we are looking at low 70's for some of the warmest locations. looking at the extended model banks giving looks to be dry. that is something to look for two. >> we have a few minor accidents reported by chp but nothing in the commute direction. i do not see anything that will slow you down. we do have some areas of overnight construction. it is light and easy unfortunately i do not think w
everybody who's been there for us and sasha. we've been able to get through this. with the horrific thing that happened we've had so much support from the community, from friends from family and strangers and we are just so thrilled about that and we're thankful for that. it's been a great support. >>anny: the suspect richard thomas was in court yesterday but did not enter a plea. his next court appearance is next month on december 20th. >>james: hundreds of staff and current and former students from fremont to john f. kennedy high school, came together to honor john webb last night. weather is a long time athletic director who died saturday in a multi car crash on interstate 680. he was hit while helping people involved in a crash and was directing traffic. many people who attended the vital said what the died doing what he always did. helping someone out. that he would find your strong points in your weak points and he would help you get better. >>: this is very hard. it hasn't hit me. >>: he would talk to us about anything we wanted to talk about. it you just wanted to talk to him even
mateo. this afternoon will bring us 50's for places like the daily city. it will be 70's for places like pleasanton and livermore. high pressure is still in place. we may see rain as early as this weekend. most of the activity will stay to the north. we may need our umbrellas as early as monday night. >> your 7 day around the bay shows the rain continues into tuesday. you can expect sunny skies by thursday. >> there is a lot of fog outside and i am pretty sure this is the bay bridge toll plaza, you can barely see it. there is not a lot of traffic but i can tell you from experience that there is a lot a road work and chp has issued a traffic advisory. you should check your speed when you are riding across the span. the san mateo bridge also has fog but it is a smooth ride. the golden gate bridge is also foggy and you can barely count the cars out there. we're off to a good start. >> a mother and her two-week old infant has been reunited in sunnyvale. this whole incident started on tuesday when the father mesut guler abducted henry romero and an amber alert was issued. the father 22 year o
is heavy rain and could see some sleep later in the morning today that as of now, flights here and tell us are running at on schedule but this storm is on the move and if you're traveling this thanksgiving, more likely than not, you will see some delays. the national weather service describes the storm in one word. complicated and complicated is exactly how to describe the situation that now some many holiday travelers face. airlines across the east coast anticipate major travel delays and just this morning we've seen the first one. atlanta airport. some airlines like delta and u.s. airways have already reduced or eliminated their revoking feet. so if you want to change your reservation you can print it hit the southwest over the weekend and is are ready to blame for thousands of deaths and hundreds of car accidents. bassam storm is predicted to get worse. in the national weather service says of this form should be done by thursday morning at thanksgiving. can be a rough 24 to 48 hours for many travelers as they try to get home before the holidays. >>anny: a live look at the atlanta georgi
right now that's philadelphia has a delay in stilt and anyone who is taking its benighted or u.s. air or virgin america you should be checking man with your carrier. it will not affecting the immediately but throughout the day it may affect some of the later flights. you should definitely check in with your carrier parking is very much available. >> long-term parking lots are full of they are putting everyone in a different lot where they can show you back to the airport. the only do the manager stated that there is plenty of parking and you do not have to worry. >> align happening right now, fire crews are on the scene of an apartment fire that is now being called suspicious. kron4 and jackie sissel is live is the scene of the fire was an update. >> here is of the video and according to the alameda fire department at about 3:00 a.m. this morning a fire started and that call was made. a large fire in flames and you concede from this video they stated that they had to make a rescue from the second story balcony. the% was rescued and apparently is in good conditions. as far as the fire,
bay. take a look at your 7 day around the bay. in the cool down as store for us. we do have a " cold front heading our way from alaska. a lot colder associated with this and a chance of rain in the forecast by about thursday. taking a look at your morning commute, really not dealing with any incidents this morning so let's jump into our bridge check. sam goes for a san mateo bridge. your drive time from hayward to foster city grid must take a look at our traffic maps. starting off in the north bay, and a bottle into san francisco, drive time about 23 minutes with no delays out there. county jails across the state have seen an increase in violence since they began housing thousands of offenders who previously would have gone to state prisons. records show many of the 10 counties that account for 70 percent of california's total jail population have experienced a surge in inmate fights and attacks on jail employees. as the combined population grew 14 percent, inmate-on- inmate assaults rose 32 percent and inmate-on-staff assaults rose 27 percent. an explosion rocked a pipeline company
this morning. u.s. safety regulators are investigating fires and tesla " model s electric cars. like the one you see here in this video. the fires happened in the car's battery after the other carriers hit rock debris. that debris that damage the batteries causing a storm of reaction. in each case, the car warn the driver of the damage no one was hurt in the fires. c e l e line--ceo elon musk says in a block post that he asked the fed's to investigate, and he says the model as catches fire at a far lower rate that gas powered cars. the investigation affects more than 13,000 cars sold in the u.s.. he also announced the cars are going through a software change to make them ride higher on the roads. and that's just what is amended the car's warranty to cover fire damage. >>james: on a story only see on kron4. a good samaritan is credited for helping save the life of the berkeley teenager said on fire on a ac transit bus. dan gail, a construction worker was on the bus on his way home when it happened. gale is described as-describes the frightening sight of 18 year-old sasha fleischman engulfed i
was sleeping on the bus. his parents talked about his happiness being home. >> he told us what he wanted to wear on the way home. i don't think that changing anything about the way sash is a will express himself. >> everything is great, we hope something will come out of this, you know, that this kind of intolerance, people will realize that wearing unusual clothing but you cannot attack him. >> the teen attacker a 16 year old student is charged as an assault. we'll keep you updated on the trial. >>> and the san jose is taking heat with the format of a student this month. but a study shows students of color have dealt with similar incidents from other students and professors for years. we have the report. >> reporter: it took six years of interviewing to complete this report about racism on the san jose campus. now what is inside are comments from students and faculty with their experiences about how the school can dress the issues. >> having the zero tolerance that represents an attack on the group or sexuality things like that, this bigger than a black issue. >> reporter: word that a b
was recovered safe. we are currently waiting for the mexican authorities to turn him over and the child to u.s. border agencies. >> henry's mother patricia, was overwhelmed, she heard the good nils. if she was happy that her child will be returning soon. >> i thought i would not be able to find him a again, or to see him again, that was really scary. i do not know what was really going on, i was just worried about my son and thinking about him. i am pretty sure that his father knows what he did and the consequences. >> that was the mother speaking through an interpreter. >> little henry will be spending the night in a mexican hospital for observation. he will return to the u-s tomorrow. and hopefullyback in s >> we have cooler temperatures today compared to yesterday. that is a trend that will continue for the rest of the week. next week we are looking for rain for monday evening into tuesday. right now our temperature is in the 50's for the most part. we have 55 degrees in richmond. we are currently at 49 degrees. the south bay is a little bit warmer. here is what is bringing the temperatures
allowing both parallel runways to remain in use when visibility is bad. this is a live look from our s-f-o camera. until now - planes arriving at s-f-o in bad weather had to approach the runway in a single file line. the new system is already in place at seven other airports around the country - including newark, boston and seattle. it's expected to reduce delays. >> state regulators have at the castro valley nursing home that was shutdown. docucments show that regulators not only visited valley springs manor four times before and after its closure. the state evaluator who visited the facility on october 24th hours before the facility was to be empty. found 21 residents on site. they also found insufficient perishable food, no adult diapers or bed pads and at least two residents in soiled diapers. the state regulator documented those problems and left. >> more than that i think we need a complete overhaul in the way that we provide regulations for residential care facilities. >> state officials say that proper procedures were not followed. like making sure that patients were properly t
lse? [ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso on grant avenue and >> hayward firefighters are still on the scene after a huge fire rips through an apartment complex. i will have details coming up. >> the old eastern span of the bay bridge will be coming down today. we will explain just how long the demolition process will take. >> we are tracking the devastation from the philippines. the death toll continues to rise after typhoon in haiyan. we will have the latest coming up. maligned we will talk first about the bart's delay. there is a person trapped under a train and there is no service coming out of the el cerrito. there are major delays on our rich man and a fremont line. it is also going to affect arrest of the bart system because they are likely to start experiencing delays brought the commute. you can expect your commute to be delayed especially if you use the richmond fremont line. >> on the freeway, here's a quick look at the nimitz freeway. there's a new accident reported at fifth were two of the left lanes are blocked. this may creat
are feared dead. the first u.s. plane carrying supplies is on its way to typhoon. we have the latest details. >> reporter: it could be days before the true numbering are numbering -- true numbers are known. a picture shows the destruction and it is emerging in the city of packavon that experienced a 16-foot surge. >>> i have not talked to anyplace that has not loss someone. >>> the may have been believes it is as possible that as many as ten thousand people have been killed. >> survivors search the relatives. >> we all tried to leave but it was too late as the waters started to rise. >> loved ones are waiting to hear. >> we are crying, i hope they are alive. >> the hospital in haiyan doesn't have any more victims and there are survivors hoping for food and a military flight out but gina fern nan dez lost her home and business. >> get international now to come here now, not tomorrow, now. this is really, really bad, worse than hell. >> the president of the philippines says they will be building temporary structures for tens of thousands of families but the focus now is on electricity food an
the report on last december's shooting. those details coming up. >> the u.s. fda changes the rules on meat packaging labels. we will tell you what new information you will see on the labels the next time you buy a package of meat. >> welcome back. wintry weather kills at least six people ahead of one of the biggest travel weeks of the year. andrew spencer reports the ice, the snow, and the floods have already gotten in the way of thanksgiving travel plans. >> descartes' loses control and overturns in a ditch. they have responded to a lot up crashes over the weekend. the airport had to cancel some 300 flights due to icing conditions. many travelers did not expect this. >> the weather is just insane. >> aaa project than about 4300 people will travel late night from thanks giving. >> this is alaska, idaho, it is kind of dangers. >> banks giving travel is off to our roots are. some had to do with snow and colorado. rains caused flooding in phoenix, arizona. mitterrand is expected the weather will cause more problems as a spread east. i am andrew spencer reporting. >> at least half a dozen peop
justine waldman shows us what bat-kid will be doing to save san francisco. and how the city will transform into gotham. >>justine: extra extra. read all about it. that kid saved the city. the mob from page from friday's chronicle already knows a five year- old miles will fight crime and capture wellesz. making his biggest wish come true. he becomes a super hero in this city needs them. >>: we were talking about for anyone to be able to live out their dreams is probably the most important thing about life. >>: the little boy with leukemia has a big day of crime-fighting ahead of him. after a morning of rescuing a damsel in distress and saving all these bags of money from a bank robbery presenting much as burger bar in union square. even kit crusaders get hungry. he got 7000 requests for reservations to dine with a bad kid. that kid willhouse republicans are--bat kid will wear these special shoes. the next stop at at&t park where he will take a ride on down the coke bottle slide and try to rescue a still. he will then get his next mission on the jumbo. >>: it has turned into a full-blown phe
possibilities. kron 4 got access to the c- h-p's evidence area in oakland. investigators showed us what was left from the deadly accident scene on interstate 8-80. as you can see the stairwell was crash. it crushed the driver here. right now, all they know is that howard was speeding when he hit the back of a big rig, causing him to lose control of his b-m-w and sending him into oncoming traffic, hitting and killing 64 year old zenglong liu. the c.h.p is continuing its investigation in to the deadly crash that killed two people on highway 880 monday morning tonight. anger is growing among neighbors of an east bay man killed in the thomas howard crash. they said that involvement of a high profile bay area athletes and their friends that is making it even more difficult to understand. they say zenglong liu would never do anything to hurt someone and it doesn't make sense he would be killed in such a tragic way. the former raiders linebacker was speeding when he lost control of his bmw, crossing over the center median into oncoming traffic killing it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet.
kron four's jackie sissel who has an update for us. >>: the $800 million casino hasn't even been opened a week and last night they were one of 3600 pg&e customers who lost power. no doubt the biggest of those pg&e customers. it came as a surprise for all the people in the casino when the power and the lights went out. this all started from a simple car accident. here's video from last night. pg&e says around 11:00 last night, feast of the casino and running in a park on golf course drive a car slammed into a power pole knocking power out to about 3600 pg&e customers. obviously none other than the brand newjackie-- people at the casino and resort. here's a video when the lights went out at the great in the casino. leaving hundreds of the gamblers to wonder what was going on inside the casino. we had a chance to talk to some of the people who work and there during a power outage and they talked about some of the confusion that was going on. >>: we're just waiting there. imagine that. >>: imagine that a. the average i'm sure there were a lot of people left a very unhappy because of the cir
the model s electric car is five times less likely to have a fire than a gasoline car in the u.s. he also said no drivers were injured in the three fires. ultimately, the government could decide to recall the model s. the national highway traffic safety administration says it's in contact with tesla and authorities in tennessee, where the latest fire happened last week. >>anny:a big patent trial between apple and samsung electronics with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake starts today. lawyers from both sides will deliver opening statements. the lawyers are expected to call the trial's first witness after laying out their case for a federal jury in san jose. the trial is being held to determine how much samsung owes apple for copying vital features from the iphone and ipad. >>erica: as we take it live without live from our roof camera, waking up to clear skies around most of the bay area about temperatures into the afternoon when the kron4 morning news returns. it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet. walter likes to download fix-it videos... and watch "boardwalk empire."
of air around. most of us waking up to mid '50's. as we head into the afternoon upper 60s are expected for some of the warmer inland areas. 39 mi. per hour when the dust in fairfield. still a lot in fairfield in concord. let's take a look at the gus over night. we actually saw 16 5 mi. per hour plans for oakland hills. take a look. santa rosa hayward half moon bay pretty much of the same boat. the wind won't be as bad. . if you have any pictures that you like to send you to send an e-mail at breaking news at kron4 dot com. power outages and downed trees are still a possibility. here's a look at afternoon highs for today critic, afternoon a little breezy but now reaching a high of 67. 63 degrees in pleasanton at low 60s along the coast. your 7 day around the bay forecast really highlights some interesting changes. but walking through it. we can looks perfectly fine with plenty of sunshine. mild conditions with temperatures in the '60s and take a look at next week. all the first half of the workweek looks good, by the time people to come from a holiday is likely to be dealing with some r
switches. we had to manually go there and use a crank and crank it into place. that is what happen overnight and that is why it took so long to get people to where they have to go. >> he stated that this is not the wind and related just a coincidence. he stated that he cannot recall a problem like this happened in recent years but the bottom line the trends are not running through the bart system and we do not know when that was started. >> that means but a lot of people will take to the street, ac transit had no request from bart to provide service for them. this would be a substitute to the train. they stated that will try to respond with extra service. so far that is all we know about extra transit service. what this means is that there will be mo pressure on the bay bridge and take a look at 880 approach it is already back aboard the westbound lane of the toll plaza. again, the center line, which is best track users is wide open. we have a lot of people that normally would not use the bay bridge because of bart. >> wind advisories are in place on the san mattel of bridge and fo
for it now traffic to talk about on this monday morning. we are hot spot free. for those of us heading to the bay bridge toll plaza you will be met with like conditions. we have not seen any way tear whatsoever on the pay gates. san mateo bridge moving well. drive time just 12 minutes between highway 101 and for those of you heading over across 80 this morning and then the other direction as well southbound 101 the golden gate bridge looking good. just a few cars within camera shots. i have been checking with the chp and fortunately we don't have any incidents to report. >>james: we will beginry you onn menlo park in officer trying to make the rich-tried to help a family found to topplers left in a hospital that does a hotel room with guns. police here reid has the story. >>: in an effort to help a family in need an officer came to this motel to drop off diapers at lightly used clothing for two children that were staying here. but instead of an adult a three year-old answered the door. also in the room was a one- year-old. neither of them do with their mother was. at least a 33 year-ol
in order to get free family photographs taken, the release amount pictures to be used on the help her dog of website. what is eligible for obama care, she has not yet signed up and says she neither favors nor opposes it. bay south dakota mother is receiving both praise and criticism after saying that kids being bullied should toughen up. her name is stephanie metz, she posted a block titled " what my kids are not the center of my world. " in it, she says it's not the job of the parents to be their children's friends and that kids need to do with some she says while she doesn't support violence, she also doesn't think parents should let their kids should download someone is mean to them. this reminds me of the iron man and directed with his how the graeme interface. when he controlled by grabbing things and swiping things in the air. that is what i tree is tried to do with high-tech prototype glasses. it's called itouch in error. one of the first see-through displays and airtouch and put technology for computers. it can also be used with wearable computers and mobile devi
and the service has been disrupted and buses are set up and possible you may have to use the different platforms. we're checking on this and will have more for you. >> as suspected, there were problems unreported when the bay bridge. there was a police action at the west and of the stand that accounted for an early delay on the upper deck. we're already seeing traffic starting to back up. what ever the issue was, they have cleared that but there is still some pause the to a slow traffic it is likely that we may see the metering lights slow down. 92, the san mateo bridge will see a pretty good ride and we are problem free with a 11 minute drive time pripet the golden gate bridge is having a beautiful morning with no delays. >> looking at the traffic maps on the east shore freeway. we have only added to minutes and now it is 14 minutes from hercules to berkeley. 580 and highway 4 are both happy and here is the slowing that i told you about on 11 where it has only added a couple of minutes to your drive time. the ride through marin is problem free all with to the golden gate bridge. >> we now know
that they will be reaching out to the u.s. attorney general eric holder to see if any federal laws have been broken in this case. >> in a statement monday by jeff rosen the district attorney released a statement which says the charges would stand, as filed, for now, saying while we understand our rate of those calling for stiffer charges in this case, the chargers are not a reflection of the degree of their racism. the chargers are a reflection of their criminal conduct carry it >> seven people and were injured, two critically after a mass shooting in oakland. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. the shooting happened near the intersection of 96 avenue and all of last night. responding officers from multiple victims in the sidewalk area there, and more victims turned up at a hospital in short time later. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. millions of travelers keep trying to get out of town for thanksgiving, and the weather keeps refusing to cooperate. we'll tell you the problems lineand the wife of a bay area man being detained in north korea for a month. is now plea
is in control. lots of sunshine in store for us today. it will be a really nice fall day. maybe a few high clouds will stream and from the coast to the afternoon but otherwise, a bright and sunny day. this is a storm system that everyone is talking about. right now is dropping a lot of ryan. freezing rain. for eastern texas. looks like a little bit of snow at north texas. this is aiming to the mid atlanta. i'm talking the virginias, d.c. and also new york city. new this morning, the usgs is reporting a magnitude 7.0 earthquake has struck the south atlantic. it hits around 230 this morning about 195 mi. southeast of the fall plan islands a british territory that is claimed by argentina agreed--falkland islands. with a quick follow for others that all measured more than 5.0 over a two hour period leading up to the big quake. only 15 quakes of more than five. now had been measured in the region in 40 years. the knock out the game could be spreading to san francisco. that's where folks supper but a random victim. --thugs sucker punch a random victim. gave up murray was punched in the head by r
with a car it is a proprietary that is created by l j that can be used to avoid unwanted scratches. it will keep your phone looking new a lot longer. it is actually on moson sale on right now and career. >> gabe slate, kron 4 news. >> we're getting you ready for the holidays with a special dining and shopping guide here on kron 4. it's our holiday 'gadgets and goodies' special coming up friday night, november 22nd at 9. vicki liviakis shows you the best holiday eats and treats, from dining out to great recipes. gabe slate highlights the hottest tech items sure to impress those your list. kron 4's holiday 'gadgets and goodies'. don't start your holiday >> the time is 6:27 a.m.. when we return. a body was found in the east bay turns out to be a 20 year-old college student. we will have an update. >> we also have opening bell on wall street next. zçzçzçtó >> welcome back. opening bell on wall street. there was a rise in retail sales and dow futures are up 21 points. we're keeping our eye on wall street because people are spending. hopefully, the retail sales will rise due to the h
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